Project CityTrace is a storytelling platform for community members, old and new, to share their own unique stories and ideas about their neighborhoods’ pasts, presents, and futures. This initiative empowers citizens of diverse upbringings to reknit the social and cultural ties within their communities.

  CityTrace Map that delineates the places where stories and action items are shared

CityTrace Map that delineates the places where stories and action items are shared



Our interviews with Pittsburgh residents inspired us to envision CityTrace. We invite you to explore our interview-based sketches below to understand how residents can share, archive, and act on stories in the community through CityTrace.


Derek and Jamil's Global Village

Derek grew up in East Liberty. Jamil's store on Penn ave is definitely his favorite local business since it started 25 years ago. However, he recently learned that the store is at risk of relocation due to gentrification. Derek decides to take an action on CityTrace.


Alice and Heppenstall Steel Company

Alice grew up in Lawrenceville where her father was a manager for the Heppenstall Steel Company. She still lives in one of the row houses in Lawrenceville. She wants to share her old memories on CityTrace.


Jim and Penn Plaza

Jim lived in Penn Plaza for the past 20 years. In 2015, Jim received an eviction notice to move out from the apartment. While the City of Pittsburgh offered to relocate him to Verona, he is worried that he will lose touch with the East Liberty community. Jim wants to let people know about the Penn Plaza's current situation through CityTrace.


Jia and the wall in her backyard

Jia moved to Lawrenceville last year from Chicago. In her new backyard, she found a brick wall that says "AWAY" with white paint. She wonders about the behind story of the wall and posts on CityTrace.