Alice and Heppenstall Steel Company



Alice grew up in Lawrenceville, where her father was a manager for the Heppenstall Steel Company, a large steel factory that made a wide variety of products including shear knives and steel rolls.

Heppenstall Steel ran a thriving business from the early 1930s till late 1970s and was best known for helping the Lawrenceville community thrive economically. She is sad to see that the once thriving mill is now being redeveloped into an urban technology center by the RIDC.


  Row Houses in Lawrenceville

Row Houses in Lawrenceville


Alice currently lives in the row house nearby, which she inherited from her father and renovated. In the past several decades, she is sad to have seen many of the old residents leave, who served the many steel workers in local breweries and hotels.


Alice posts an old photo she found of the Heppenstall factory. A grandson of an old Lawrenceville resident replies to her story, mentioning about a local bar in the corner that his grandparents owned.


Another neighbor who worked at Heppenstall posted his story, reminiscing about the good old days when he and his coworkers would grab a drink at the neighboring bars before heading back home in their row house.


Some new residents who work at the Carnegie Robotics nearby are excited to have learned about the Heppenstall history. They walk past the huge lot to work every day and are excited to learn that it used to be one of the prime steel factories that gave Pittsburgh its old reputation for being a steel town.