Derek and Jamil's Global Village


  Jamil's Global Village, 6024 Penn Ave

Jamil's Global Village, 6024 Penn Ave

East Liberty born and raised, Derek knows all local businesses in the neighborhood. His favorite is Jamil's Global Village, located on Penn ave. The store has been there for 25 years, since Derek was 5.

This family-run business has been the epicenter for the African American community in East Liberty. The store means a lot to old East Liberty residents and they always make sure to chat with the owners when stopping by. However, Jamil's is at risk of losing the store location because they could not get the lease renewed.

Derek is sad to hear the news that Jamil's Global Village is being forced to move out due to gentrification and he wants to get support from the people who love, remember, and would miss the store. Derek posts an action item on CityTrace with a link of GoFundMe to save Jamil's store.


Derek posted an action item for Jamil's Global Village on CityTrace in order to let all the locals know about the difficult situation it's currently going through. A lot of people showed support through Derek's action item.


This action item has helped Jamil's Global Village get attention not only from existing frequenters, but also from the people who were unfamiliar with the store, such as new residents who just moved into East Liberty.

Finally, Jamil's store has just renewed his lease for another 3 years and can now get more customers who will build stories and memories about the place.