Jia and The Wall in Her Backyard

  The mysterious wall in Jia's backyard

The mysterious wall in Jia's backyard

Jia moved to Lawrenceville last year. When she was renovating her backyard, she found an old brick wall that says "AWAY" with white paint. Jia liked the brick wall, and so she decided leave the wall when moving in.  

One day, when Jia was coming out of the house to walk her dog, an old man passing by asked her if "the wall" is still there. Jia became curious of what the story behind the wall was and whether it bore a special meaning for the old Lawrenceville residents.

Jia decides to share this on CityTrace.



Jia uploads the wall photo and questions on CityTrace with her house tagged.


Sophie who grew up in Lawrenceville recalled the wall from her childhood memory. She and her friends played baseball in front of the wall! Sophie replied to Jia's post, sharing her story about the wall.



Soon, a lot of people who remember the wall in Jia's backyard started sharing their own memories.