Jim and Penn Plaza



Jim has lived in Penn Plaza for the past 20 years and calls East Liberty his home, where his great great-grandfather immigrated from Italy and settled in the Pittsburgh community for generations to come.


  Demolition of Penn Plaza     https://thecoolmedium.com/tag/pittsburgh/

Demolition of Penn Plaza     https://thecoolmedium.com/tag/pittsburgh/


In 2015, Jim received an eviction notice that gave him 90 days to move out of his apartment. He and his neighbors were furious because a place they called home would be redeveloped into another Whole Foods. He participated in some of the petitions his neighbors organized and while the City of Pittsburgh has offered to relocate him to another apartment in Verona, Jim worries that he will lose touch with the community he long grew up in as well as face difficulty commuting everyday to his clerk job in East Liberty.

Jim wants to let people be aware of what is going on in Penn Plaza and get support on the Penn Plaza rally. Jim posts an action item on CityTrace.


Jim asks people for support and join the rally this week by posting an action item. Old residents of East Liberty and even some newcomers who were not aware of the situation show support on this issue.