Our team consists of faculty and graduate and undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University and partnering community leaders and organizations from Pittsburgh.


CityTrace Team Members

Dr. Min Kyung Lee

Min Kyung is a research scientist in the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon. Her research investigates the use of intelligent technologies to improve social interactions and wellbeing. As a Pittsburgh resident over ten years, she has been investigating how to use technologies to support underserved communities in the area. Her recent research focuses on inclusive homeless and food-insecure populations in collaboration with Pittsburgh homeless alliance and 412 Food Rescue.



Eunsol Byun

Eunsol is a master's student studying Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon. She designs to create the world a more vibrant and fun place to live. Eunsol has worked as a designer on multiple projects that promote social interactions between people on digital platforms. Her sample works include building an interaction paradigm for social interaction in virtual reality platform and augmenting intimate interactions between music sharers on a web-based music streaming service.



Grace Wong

Grace is an undergraduate student studying Art, Management and Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon. She seeks to elevate the voices of marginalized communities through creative storytelling in digital content, media, and writing. She has collaborated with non-profit organizations including City of Asylum, UBELONG Morocco, FOCUS Pittsburgh, ArtsConnection and Silk Screen Film Festival on a multitude of socially-charged issues.





Penn Plaza Coalition

Lawrenceville United

Lawrenceville Historical Society

Lawrenceville Hospitality Association